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Hello world!

The first post is always the hardest.  How does one set the tone, send the right message, etc.?  I’ve gone through several major life changes recently – finished grad school, married my college sweetheart and moved cross country from San Francisco to New York.  Professionally I am also at a crossroads, having spent the last 5 years in finance and investing and now looking to switch into a operational / product-oriented role.  These are a lot of things to keep track of.

So, that brings me to the point of this blog.  Sometimes I’ll learn something new, fun, cool, silly, and want to take note of it here because of a need to have them handily available in one place.  At other times I may want to rant.  Publicly.  I’ll apologize beforehand for those and promise to keep them to a minimum.  Mostly, this blog will serve as a public repository for stuff that I like, especially photographs because that’s just the way I think.  And if at least one other person out there gets something out of it, then huzzah!

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