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New York Photo Awards

I stumbled upon the New York Photo Awards and thought it would be fun to enter and in the process reflect upon the photographs I’ve captured to date.  I found it a pretty useful exercise, a little agonizing at times, but after much waffling about and tweaking here and there until Photoshop curves are now the things I dream about at night, I ended up submitting the three photographs below.

Borobudur Farmers

Category: General Documentary (Single)

Caption: As I was taking a brief rest stop from bicycling through the farming villages of Borobudur in Indonesia, this elderly couple invited me into their home for a drink and tempeh fritters. It was late in the day and they had been up since the crack of dawn tending to their farm but they seemed to enjoy entertaining visitors particularly with stories of their own young children who have since grown and migrated to the city.

A Boy in Ubud

Category: General Documentary (Single)

Caption:  The Balinese are a spiritual people and Ubud is its cultural epicenter. We had just arrived to stay by the Ayung River when we stumbled upon locals walking in a procession towards their village temple. So important is the Hindu religion that it is not at all that unusual for traffic to stop completely, without much complaint, to allow a temple procession to pass through. Despite increasingly modern additions to the island, many traditions continue to persist from generation to generation in the form of dance, craft and religion.



Category: Fine Art (Single)

Caption: (None)


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