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Lobster in the Lightbox

The adventures with my DIY lightbox continue!  This time, it’s all about playing with food.  A friend mentioned that Fresh Direct was carrying beautiful lobsters for cheap ($7/lb) thanks to a supply glut.  I’ll happily play my part in correcting the supply imbalance by consuming my share of these creatures.

They arrived live and I was feeling squeamish about cooking them.  It didn’t help that I was also watching them crawl about on the plate as I was photographing them.  My husband isn’t a big lobster fan and for the longest time I couldn’t figure out how anyone could turn down a well-prepared lobster dish.  They’re fantastic simply steamed with some drawn butter or you could fuss them up a little and add them to pastas, risottos, etc.  Last night he told me that once, as a kid, he was allowed to play with some live lobsters right before dinner time.  His mum then took the kids out for a little walk as dad prepared dinner.  From playtime pet to dinner plate.  Hmm, perhaps that had something to do with why he doesn’t have much of a preference for them.  Oh well – more for me.  Glad I don’t have the same qualms!


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