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Brooklyn Botanic Garden

The hubs and I kicked off our first spring in NYC with a trip to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden where the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.  It was quite an amazing display and we weren’t the only ones with the same idea as the esplanade was packed with families and their munchkins in tow.

After the Garden and based on a co-worker’s suggestion, we ate at Franny’s where we had the most amazing pizza that we’ve had in a while.  We sat at a table right next to their gorgeous brick oven that kept churning out a steady stream of gorgeous thin crust pizzas, each with the perfect balance of chew, char and tomatoey goodness.  Their cheese-less option, the “Tomato, Garlic, Oregano And Olio Verde Novello” blew me away.  If I ever win the lottery, I’m definitely installing a wood burning brick oven in my back yard.  Practicality be damned!

Whenever the hubs and I explore new neighborhoods, we always end up asking ourselves whether we might enjoy living there.  As much as we love love love our one bedroom in the West Village, we know that one day we’ll have to find a bigger place, if nothing else than to accomodate the possible addition(s) to our family (yikes!).  Finding a 3-bedroom here would probably involve mortgaging our soul and the prospect of raising toddlers with their infinite reserve of energy without vast green spaces as a nearby outlet is, frankly, terrifying.  Park Slope in Brooklyn seems like a pretty reasonable possibility – the nearby Prospect Park is a fantastic alternative to having our own yard, and if Franny’s is any indication, the food scene also presents options.  While we were there we also saw a small but thriving farmer’s market and walked through the beautiful library.  The Brooklyn Museum, adjacent to the Botanic Garden, is smaller than, say, the Met or the MoMA, but it’s had some wonderful exhibits grace its halls in the past.  Nonetheless, the thought of leaving Manhattan pains me.  It’s amazing how quickly one can affect the whole holier-than-thou attitude towards living in one of the other five boroughs – we’ve only been here six months!

Umm, I’m probably getting ahead of myself.  Nonetheless, the search for our next neighborhood continues.

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